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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Contact: Olivia Kurtz
Castle for Congress Headquarters



Stresses War on Terrorism, Economy, Education, Environment, Health Care

WILMINGTON, DE—Joining supporters in all three counties, Delaware Congressman, Michael N. Castle, today kicked off his 2004 reelection campaign for the House of Representatives, telling Delawareans he has the experience and know-how to get the job done in challenging times.

“We are at a pivotal point in our history, where the stakes have never been higher.  I have learned that what people want are results: they want limited government but at the same time they want to know their government is there in times of need; they want to be empowered to take responsibility for their lives and their families; and they want leaders who will help them accomplish this.  It has been a true honor to serve the people of Delaware over the years and today I am here to announce that I want to continue my job as your sole Congressman in the House of Representatives,” Castle said.

In Lewes, Dover, and Wilmington, Castle touched on the major issues Delawareans are focused on, including winning the war on terrorism and securing the homeland, reviving the economy, improving education, preserving the environment, and strengthening healthcare. Castle stated: “we are a nation at war, a nation working to rebuild its economy, a nation that stands on the cusp of greatness at home and abroad, and a nation filled with optimism for the future, for our children, and for ourselves.”  He also discussed local issues that affect each county, including beach replenishment, agriculture, the environment, and federal funding.


“We are more secure today than we were two years ago. The Taliban no longer rules Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein is no longer terrorizing the world or his own people.  Libya has surrendered their Weapons of Mass Destruction and there is hope for peace in the Middle East.

But the reality is we are at war. The threats to this nation have never been more concerning.  Our men and women of the Armed Forces are fighting for freedom and are promoting justice around the world.  Never have I been prouder to be an American, and never have I been surer of whom my heroes are—the United States military,” Castle said.


“We are better economically today than we were two years ago—interest rates are down, home ownership is up, and jobs are slowly being added back to the payroll.  The budget debate I participated in this year was one of the best we’ve had in some time, and I offered proposals to increase transparency, cut wasteful spending, examine the extension of the tax cuts, and institute wholesale budget reform.

You have worked hard to save for your retirement and you should feel secure that the savings will be there for you when you need it, and you should also feel confident that Social Security will remain solvent for years to come,” Castle said.


As the Chairman of the House Education Reform Subcommittee and key author of No Child Left Behind, Castle said this nation has come far in improving education, but we can't stop there.

“Over the past two years I have worked hard to ensure the successful implementation of No Child Left Behind.  Although perhaps not the most popular program, schools are being challenged, students are learning, teacher quality is improving, and parents are becoming more involved in their children’s education. I truly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships, so I will work to build on this success and work to ensure that we eradicate this two-tiered education system that leaves disadvantaged students behind,” Castle said.


“I have been recognized by the League of Conservation Voters as an Environmental Champion—an award not many Republicans can boast!  In Washington, D.C., I fight for beach replenishment funding, land conservation, and promoting the use of alternative sources of energy like fuel cells.  And in Delaware I have been fighting hard to protect what we have—from recreational opportunities along the C & D Canal to our valued poultry industry.  Delaware is a green state and I want to keep it that way,” Castle said.


“Since the inception of Medicare in 1965, Congress has debated adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare and with double digit price increases and the political climate finally right, we were able to do so this year. Now, we must also tackle the issue of how to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to the uninsured to address some of the most difficult public health crises here in Delaware—Cancer and AIDS.

Another healthcare issue that I am passionate about is stem cell research. In order to fully explore the promise of embryonic stem cell research that could one day deliver cures and treatments for our most chronic diseases—cancer, type one diabetes, Parkinson’s, and even Alzheimer’s—we must work to expand the policy.  I have been leading this effort in the House and I will continue to push for an expansion of the policy,” Castle said.

Castle is running for his seventh term in the House of Representatives. Prior to his tenure in the House of Representatives, Castle served as Governor of Delaware from 1984 to 1992, Lieutenant Governor, State Senator, and State Representative in the City of Wilmington.

Castle is the Chairman of the House Education Reform Subcommittee, a Member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, and a Member of the House Financial Services Committee. Castle is also the President of the Republican Main Street Partnership, the nation's leading organization of Moderate Republicans, and co-chairs "The Tuesday Group," a group of House Republican Moderates that meet weekly to discuss policy.




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