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Protecting Americans at Home and Abroad

  • Fought for increased funding for rail and port security.
  • Pushed for reform of intelligence community to improve communication.
  • Led effort to renew semi-automatic assault weapons ban to reduce crime.
  • Supported funding to ensure troop stability and military missions abroad.
  • Worked to maintain Dover Air Force Base as nation's premier air mobility command base.


Returning Fiscal Discipline to Washington D.C.

  • Led effort to cut deficit and return to a balanced budget.
  • Pushed for budget process simplification to improve transparency.
  • Worked to reduce unecessary pork barrel and special interest spending.


Protecting Delaware's Environmental Treasures

  • Supported efforts to increase conservation and use of alternative fuels.
  • Worked with agriculture officials to fight avian influenza in Kent Sussex and secure increase federal dollars.
  • Working to develop recreational opportunities along C & D Canal.
  • Secured funding for Delmarva Conservation Corridor.


Helping Delaware Families - Taxes and Healthcare

  • Led effort to increase child tax credit for middle and low-income families.
  • Voted to repeal the marriage tax penalty.
  • Worked to reduce cost of prescription drugs for seniors.
  • Spearheaded bipartisan effort to expand stem cell research in an effort to fund cures for chronic diseases.


Improving Education

  • Fought to increase funding for K-12 education programs to historic levels.
  • Secured federal flexibility for the implementation of No Child Left Behind.
  • Wrote law to improve nutrition in schools and reduce childhood obesity.
  • Led effort to improve early childhood education for low-income children.


Working Hard for Delaware

  • Obtained funding for the University of Delaware to establish Early Learning Center.
  • Supported restoring beach replenishment funding.
  • Secured federal funding for Delaware nursing schools.
  • Led effort to shore up financial and political support for Amtrak.
  • Partnered with medical community to create statewide electronic health system.



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